BBL Light Treatment + Cosmetic Fillers for Hand Rejuvenation

Turn Back the Hands of Time.

Three Steps to Hand Rejuvenation

As we age, the youthful look of our skin deteriorates. What makes our skin look older is the loss of essential components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid (HA), responsible for the skin's moisture, tautness, elasticity, and plumpness.

Women tend to concentrate on age issues that show on their facial skin and neck. Hands are often overlooked but give away age immediately. Esthetic Solutions has effective procedures for attaining younger-looking skin if you are unhappy with the loss of firmness and volume in your hands.

One of our unique approaches to looking your best is we practice the "Rule of Decades." What that means is that anti-aging skincare, to take years off your appearance, must match in these three areas:

  • Your face
  • Your neck and décolletage
  • Your hands

In other words, if your face and neck look ten years younger than your hands, your efforts at looking younger are noticeable but not complete. Your hands will give away your true age. The rule of decades is that these three areas "match" so you look as youthful as you feel! It can be your secret.

You can have smoother, younger-looking hands with our customized hand rejuvenation bundle and no one needs to know. OK! So, tell me more.

What Exactly is Hand Rejuvenation?

Optimal hand rejuvenation entails three carefully applied procedures that correct uneven pigmentation, remove age spots, plump, smooth, and tighten skin on the hands while promoting ongoing care for a youthful appearance.

For example, most people focus on their face and neck skin, applying sunscreen, and using anti-aging products and treatments, but forget the skin on their hands is just as delicate. The result is that their face, and hopefully, their neck, looks younger than their hands. Sometimes the difference is dramatic. The "rule of decades" is broken. Your hands tell the truth.

Esthetic Solutions has customized hand rejuvenation that helps smooth skin, eliminate age spots, reduce the appearance of veins due to thin skin, and maintain an even tone and texture. Hand rejuvenation can help women and men obtain younger-looking skin that matches the youthful glow of their faces.

We are talking about literally turning back the hands of time.

#1 BBL Light Treatment Laser Therapy for Hands

Broadband Light technology (BBL) is excellent at improving skin conditions like age spots, freckles, small veins, unwanted hair, uneven skin texture, melasma, and skin laxity.

The first part of your closely held secret for youthful hands is to start with broadband light laser treatment (BBL). This cutting-edge technology dramatically reduces age spots and uneven skin tone on the hands' surface and stimulates collagen production resulting in firmer and smoother skin.

This innovative therapy is a non-invasive way to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin from the inside out.

Before Radiesse
After Radiesse

*Radiesse treatment volume: 1 syringe (1.5 ccs) per hand. Individual results may vary. Unretouched photos of an actual patient

#3 The Right Aftercare Products to Maintain Results

Before you leave, the skin on your hands will be deeply moisturized and finished with sun protection. In the days, weeks, and months following your rejuvenation treatment, taking daily care of your hands is essential. You need to protect your skin from the factors that accelerate the aging process after hand rejuvenation such as harsh products and sun exposure. This last procedure is up to you!

When you apply high-quality sunscreen to your face, spend a few additional seconds applying it to the back of your hands. Every night, use a non-drying soap for handwashing and a penetrating, deep moisturizer. We pride ourselves in customizing your skincare product routine for the very best outcomes!

We have medical-grade, high SPF sunscreen, and other moisturizing skincare products at our office to help you maintain your new, even skin tone and keep your skin plumped and youthful all day. We'll make recommendations on the right products for your skin's needs. Each customer has a unique skin type that calls for products that are best suited to preserve your new ageless hands.

Who Should Consider Hand Rejuvenation Treatments?

Healthy individuals with minimal skin damage are ideal candidates for hand rejuvenation procedures if they want to:

  • Enhance their hands' skin tone and texture
  • Decrease the visible signs of age on their hands
  • Restore lost volume

Also, if you are having BBL light treatment for your face and neck, consider including your hands at that time. Remember the "rule of decades" so that outwards signs of aging are congruent. Check more than one treatment off your list with one-stop shopping.

What Should I Do To Prepare For Hand Rejuvenation Treatments?

The first step is to set up a consultation to review the right plan, preparation steps, and sequence of treatments for you.

To reduce the risk of bruising, your practitioner may recommend avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen, or other blood thinners for one week before treatment (unless medically indicated). We suggest refraining from consuming alcohol for two days before therapy.

What Can I Expect From Hand Rejuvenation Treatments?

In our office, treatments like dermal fillers or BBL Light Treatment may be completed in less than an hour. Hand rejuvenation treatments can include topical numbing if it helps you to feel more at ease, but discomfort is minimal in any event.

Which bundle of therapies is the best fit for your goals? Contact Esthetic Solutions today for a consult to answer your questions about hand rejuvenation and the "rule of decades."

* Please note we do not quote pricing over the phone.