Brittany LaPlante, CLT, CLI, LSO, LE

Brittany LaPlante, CLT, CLI, LSO, LE


Brittany LaPlante, CLT, CLI, LSO, LE

Brittany LaPlante is an Esthetic Solutions Med Spa Laser Technician. With 10+ years of experience, she is a Certified Laser Technician, Certified Laser Instructor, and Licensed Esthetician.

Brittany was a kid of the 70s, and when supermodels rolled around in the 80s, studio makeup hit the streets. Without lighting or editing, she fell in love with makeup! She started to notice no matter the product and how much she put on her face, she still saw all of her skin’s impurities. Even with a good foundation, makeup won’t cover everything.

Because of her love for cosmetics and skin, she graduated with her Esthetician License and found a job where she immediately started treating patients with laser hair removal. But after a year of removing hair, Brittany was missing making more of a difference for her patient’s skin.

Rather than focusing on just one type of laser treatment, her experience grew into tattoo removal, skin resurfacing, radio-frequency microneedling, cellulite reduction, chemical peels, and more.

Being a Gemini, she has 2 favorite treatments she performs:

  • Laser Hair Removal is calming to perform, allowing her time to learn about her patients and their lives, and has more time to examine and understand their skin.
  • Chemical Peels because of her personal history with melasma. With her knowledge of skin types, textures, and tones, she can use different formulations, strengths, and chemicals to blend and lighten the skin.

Because of the relationships Brittany develops with her patients, she nurtures and treats the skin in a way others cannot. On a personal note, because of her nurturing nature, she recently became an AZ Caregiver of Elderly People.

3 things our Med Spa loves about Brittany:

  • Her skin is PERFECT—You’ll never guess her age!
  • Her laughter will brighten every person’s day in our Med Spa.
  • She ensures all her patients feel nurtured and respected.

Schedule a private consultation with Brittany LaPlante to learn which skincare treatment would offer you the best outcome by calling 480.280.6062.

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